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This year our unique Canvas Printing for Profit Course has been upgraded to support the Windows 7 and Snow Leopard along with the traditional Windows XP. Students can also use our new custom built framing facilities..

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Pentacon Scan 6000 - scanner cameras of the latest generation

From the Dresden factory in Germany that made countless Exacta and Practika cameras comes the newest addition to our Giclée System – The Scan 6000.

Featuring a 10,000 by 10,000 by full three primary colour scanner (that's 300mp in total) this machine produces the ultimate images for fine art or still life reproduction.

The Scan 6000 is a high technology hand-assembled instrument with Schneider M39 lens mount. GMS now supplies a selection of matched Schneider APO Componon lenses and extension tubes for the machine along with the industry standard SilverFast AI Studio software to create an image capture system that’s unique in Australia.

Superior performance to conventional digital equipment.

Similarly art and still life images copied with conventional digital equipment do not provide anywhere near the price performance of hand made scan cameras. Even 60mpixel medium format machines that cost more than 4 times the price of the Scan 6000, result in much smaller enlargements as their sensors only resolve one primary colour per pixel and the resulting full colour image is interpolated.

The Pentacon 6000 is built from the ground up around the smaller and better corrected image circle of the Schneider Kreuznach APO Componons and a solid body that can't flex and make out of focus images. Connected via a single industry standard USB cable the machine can scan in a mere 30 seconds and allows repeated scans of a single image to give higher dynamic range that is needed to capture highlights in oil painting or in smaller reflective items like jewellery.

The multi-functional "PENTACON Scan 6000" range is distinguished in particular by its extremely high optical resolution and relatively short scan time.

Detail reproduction is excellent and true to the original.

The models are available with mounts for both Schneider-Kreuznach and Nikon lenses, and the portfolio also includes a camera equipped with power focus (auto-focus!).

The "PENTACON Scan 6000" is controlled via a PC using "SilverFast AI Studio" software from Lasersoft Imaging. Easy-to-use tools, IT8 colour calibration, ICC profiling and intelligent auto-gradation optimise the image quality and round off the functionality.

Technical data:

Viewfinder type: Single lens reflex
Lens mounts: M39x1, Nikon, Nikon-AF
Focusing: manual, power, auto-focus
Maximum optical resolution: 10,000 x 10,000 pixels per colour
Colour depth: 12 bit (with multi-exposure 14 bit)
Maximum file size: 570 MB
Minimum scan time: 0:31 seconds
Data transfer: USB 2.0

Do It Yourself Photo & Canvas Mounting

InkjetPRO iBlock is an image mounting system for canvas or photo paper that does not require stretching or traditional framing. Photographers, labs and framers can mount their own images in minutes. 

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Now you can mount your images in modern acrylic frames in minutes.

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